A Review of the JFK Assassination Videos

by Tom Hudson

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1 HR 39 MIN, All American Communications, 1992
Narrated by James Earl Jones

This video traces the role of the permanent CIA funded anti-Castro assassinations' team, called the S-Team or Operation Mongoose, to President Kennedy's murder in Dallas, and to the Watergate burglars. The anti-Castro Murder Inc. team was organized by vice-president Richard Nixon in 1960 and was operated by Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt of the CIA, later known as the Watergate burglars. It is now well documented that CIA director Allen Dulles refused to tell Kennedy of the existence of this murder team. When it got out of hand, Kennedy had to set the FBI upon them and destroy their facilities.

This video is filled with thought-provoking information. Attorney Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute puts forth the thesis that Kennedy fired those top CIA people such as Allen Dulles, General Cabell and others, over the Bay of Pigs crisis because he had ordered air support for the operation which was intentionally disobeyed in order to humiliate him and arouse anti-Kennedy support. Kennedy was very anti-Castro and personally planned the Bay of Pigs invasion. He ordered the air strikes. Kennedy did not order the planes to stand down. His orders were sabotaged by his enemies so that he would be blamed.

Operation Mongoose, one of the names of the assassination team set up by vice-president Nixon to kill Castro during the Eisenhower administration, got out of control and was later a big player in the assassination of Kennedy. The reason for the Watergate burglary, says Sheehan, was to discover what the Democrats knew of Nixon's role in establishing the murder team. On the famous Watergate tapes Nixon refers to "the whole Bay of Pigs thing," says Sheehan, as a code phrase for the Kennedy murder and its close relationship to the group of killers he had earlier organized to murder Castro. On these tapes Nixon can be heard saying that the CIA should be threatened by telling them that "the whole Bay of Pigs thing might come out."

Ron Lewis, Oswald's close friend in New Orleans, states for the viewers that Oswald told him he was paid money by Clay Shaw to pose as a left-winger and that he saw Jack Ruby in the Camp Street office of Guy Banister discussing gun-running to counter-revolutionary Cuban groups. Lewis worked for Guy Banister at 544 Camp Street and states that Jack Ruby and Oswald were close friends. Ron Lewis also recalls that Oswald said to him that Dallas police officer Roscoe White was chosen to be one of the assassins.

Dallas doctor Charles Crenshaw is shown stating that the released assassination photos of Kennedy are fake and fraudulent, and Dr. Cyril Wecht, forensic pathologist, does a top job of exposing the magic bullet hoax. Let us call it that!

Includes inteviews with Peter Dale Scott, Fletcher Prouty, Beverly Oliver and deaf-mute Ed Hoffman, who gives compelling testimony of seeing a gunman and a flash of light and smoke near the fence. Hoffman states that he saw a man in a suit there throw a gun to a railroad man behind the fence who placed it in a tool box and walked away.

Good trajectory drawings of six shots, including from the Dal -Tex building, are shown.

Jean Hill states that her life was threatened numerous times for saying that she saw a shooter on the knoll, but oddly she does not here state that she was visited by FBI men who threatened to place her in a mental hospital and take away her children if she testified - all facts she wrote in her book. Her Dallas cop boyfriend warned her not to testify because he had heard from fellow officers that she would be killed if she did.


46 MIN, A & E, 1995, by Nigel Turner
Video 6 of The Men Who Killed Kennedy Series
$19.95 from 1-800-708-1776

The former mayor of Beverly Hills, Bob Tannenbaum, tells the viewers on this video that he resigned as a member of the House Assassinations Committee because "they really didn't want to find out the truth publicly." He states that the CIA and intelligence agencies obstructed their requests for evidence and that the committee itself did not want to subpoena anyone or conduct a thorough investigation. They would not call witnesses who had views contrary to the committee's.

Tom Wilson, for 30 years a top consultant for U.S. Steel for discovering product defects through computer enhanced photography, shows his state-of-the-art computerized analysis of the photos of the wounds to JFK's head. Using over 6000 pieces of mathematical information, he constructed a large model of the projectile of the right temple wound which prove that the bullet came from below upwards, from inside the manhole cover at the bottom of the steps in Dealey Plaza and not from "badge man."

The autopsy photos released by the government are proven to show that morticians' wax had filled in the right temple entrance wound and that photo retouching had masked and disguised the rear head exit wound.

Lt. Col. Dan Marvin, a paratrooper and member of the elite Green Beret forces, tells the viewers that he took specialist CIA Guerrilla training in assassination and terrorism at Fort Bragg just weeks after the JFK assassination.

To the viewer's horror, it is learned that as part of his CIA training at Fort Bragg, Lt. Col. Dan Marvin was taught how to assassinate foreign heads of state using the example of the JFK murder, which was cited as a classic CIA assassination. Instructions included films and still photos of Dealey Plaza plus a mock up of the Plaza showing where the shooters were standing and the routes to the hospital.

Marvin heard the CIA assassination instructor say to his fellow instructor at a coffee break "Things really did go well in Dealey Plaza, didn't it?" Marvin and his buddy felt that this man was himself involved in the assassination from the way he talked.

Fifteen months later, in August 1965, a CIA official approached Dan at Fort Bragg and asked him to volunteer to murder a U. S. Naval officer, Comdr. William Bruce Pitzer, head of the audio/visual unit at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The assassination needed to be done soon, before the man retired, it was explained. Dan, after first agreeing to assassinate the officer, said he would not do so as it went against regulations which [listen to this one, folks] require that the Mafia be used for domestic assassinations! He was trained that his unit was only to be used for overseas' assassinations.

[Cut to Dennis David, Petty Officer at Bethesda during this period.]

David states that he was a friend of Admiral Pitzer and visited him in his office at Bethesda where he saw him viewing 16 MM films of the JFK autopsy conducted there. The film and slides seen by him then showed only a tiny bullet wound to the right front temple of the President, and a large, gaping exit wound at the rear of the head.

Admiral Pitzer was found dead in his Bethesda studio shot in the right temple, though his bridge partners say he was left handed. Pitzer had told Dennis David that he had some lucrative TV offers for the right to show the films and photos of the JFK autopsy, and that after his retirement he intended to check them out. David believes that the airing of the films would have humiliated many important people and that he was assassinated to prevent it.

New Views on the Kennedy Vendetta against Castro

Bill Turner, former FBI employee, makes the case that the Kennedys had a secret agenda to destroy Fidel Castro which they kept secret from all but the rare few on a need to know basis. JFK took the anti-Castro operations away from the CIA and ran them out of the White House. RFK was masterminding a second invasion of Cuba and was determined not to repeat the Bay of Pigs failure.

It was reported to Mr. Turner that the invasion plans were based out of a Dominican Republic city, Monte Cristi. These plans were in violation of the October 1962 missile crisis agreement with Khrushchev not to invade Cuba and if the press learned of them it would have been a disaster.

Lamar Walden and Tom Hartman have accumulated documents recently obtained under the FOIA which show that high on the agenda in the summer and fall of 1963 was getting more low level intelligence agents into Cuba legally, for the purposes of assessing whether the Cuban people would back a new leader and an invasion.

Many people visited the Cuban embassy in Mexico City under this general effort to try to get into Cuba in order to talk to the man on the street and report back to the invasion planners.

It is believed by Walden and Hartman that Oswald was convinced that he had to establish credentials to get into Cuba and gather intelligence by posing as a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, handing out leaflets, etc.

The Mad Dog Kills its Owner

This video suggests that the CIA, Mafia and exile Cubans who were plotting Castro's murder turned on President Kennedy in anger over tactical and political disputes and killed him. Then an already planned cover-up apparatus kicked in and was used to protect Kennedy's killers.

There is little in this video that traces the identity of who murdered President Kennedy, but new light is shed on the nature of the cover-up and why it was so immediately operative.

In September of 1963 there were elaborate contingency plans for taking action should Castro discover the planned second invasion and retaliate.

Robert Kennedy personally, according to the FOIA documents obtained, had his advisers put together plans for a total cover-up, including a media cover-up, if his second invasion of Cuba were discovered. The response plans involved co-ordination with the State Department, the FBI, CIA, the Defense Department, Alexander Haig, Mr. Califano and others.

A set of information control plans was intended to keep the fact of the planned invasion from the press, as the matter would be used by the Republicans to defeat President Kennedy in the upcoming election year.

It was even stated that right after the murder, Bobby Kennedy made contact with the autopsy people in Bethesda to insure that the public did not learn all the facts and he even directed some autopsy events, according to an unnamed source.

It is surmised by Walden and Hartman that Bobby recognized Oswald as part of the Cuban invasion operation and he was frightened that if the public learned of Oswald's role in it it would be an embarrassment to him.

Alexander Haig, one of the principal authors of the contingency plans for disinformation and cover-up, immediately took custody of JFK's body after the autopsy.

Robert Kennedy may have felt guilt and personal responsibility for his brother's death, the investigators say.

This video might make some say that President Kennedy reaped what he had sown, as he was lying to the public and the press, himself, and was plotting the ruthless and unprincipled assassination of a foreign head of state after signing a treaty with Khrushchev that he would never do so. Kennedy was conspiring to commit an attrocious, illegal assassination and the lying schemes he created were turned against him to protect those who would kill him. Karma, some might say. The Murder Inc. President Kennedy created got angry at him, like a mad dog, and killed its owner.

Marina Oswald appears and gives this touching statement which I quote in full:

"People that you trust betrayed you. The government that you trust betrayed, the officials that you trust - they told you blind lies and they knew it. So, that kind of betrayal will turn your soul upside down.

"For that I am angry. For all the Blakeys, the Fords and God only knows whom, the Posners and Mailers who had the opportunity to improve something and they refused or sold out or were weak enough, or whatever.

"But when that hope is taken away and you reduce the human being to the level of the animal, like me, even the animal can feel.

"So you expect me not to protest? Sure I do.

"So this is - that is - the reason that I am here. Because nobody has the right to play God over somebody else's life and not just get away with it, but be happy with this kind of power. This is just simply insanity."

Highly Recommended.

Audio Tape
54 MIN, Lecture on Oswald by Michael Parenti
$4.00, postpaid, from PEOPLE'S VIDEO, BOX 99514; SEATTLE, WA 98199

The brilliant Dr. Parenti does an unsurpassed job of describing, often with ascerbic wit and charm, the story of Oswald's intelligence career, his phony defection to Russia and the absurd stories put out by the government to explain his well-documented importance to them. This lecture is so clear and humorous, even the Agency will laugh and enjoy it. For everyone. Here are some excerpts.

Oswald is accused of being a loner, incompetent, not very bright, emotionally disturbed and a leftist. None of these are true.

Psychiatrist Gerald Posner said that Oswald was a passive aggressive. A passive aggressive assassin? That explains why he used a rifle which couldn't shoot straight (Laughter).

All Lee Harvey Oswald's IQ tests show he was above average in intelligence, a bright guy and a quick learner. He spent most of his adult life not as a lonely drifter, but directly linked to the U. S. intelligence community.

At age 18 Oswald joined the Marines and had a top secret security clearance working at the Marine Air Control at Atsugi base in Japan where the CIA launched some of the U-2 flights and some covert operations against China.

At age 19 he was assigned to El Toro Air Station in California with security clearance to work radar - and odd things began to happen.

He emerged a babbling Russophile. He started playing Russian language records at blast level in his barracks. He addressed fellow Marines in Russian and as "comrade." He read Russian books and touted Soviet Communism as the best system in the world.

In 1958 the Marine Corps was not a bastion of liberal tolerance and free thinking. I am sure the Marines constantly surveilled anybody who might outspokenly or actively begin to act in the way Oswald did. But in this instance, Oswald's Marine commanders didn't mind. He kept his security clearance, he kept all the radar records where he could see what was going in and out and knew a wealth of sensitive radar information and other highly sensitive information about black operations.

If Oswald was a Soviet spy or a Cuban spy as some now claim, he certainly had a novel way of building a cover.

In February 1959, Oswald failed a Marine Corps proficiency test in Russian. Six months later he was practically fluent in Russian.

In 1974 Harold Weisberg's legal efforts dislodged a document from the Warren Commission that Oswald had attended the U. S. Army Monterey School of Languages. You are sent to this special school by the government only to study foreign languages picked by the government for specific assignments.

Then Oswald was given an early discharge from the Marines because his mother had injured her foot. That is called dependency discharge, your parent needs you. A jar had fallen on her toe (Laughter).

He put in the request and got it within a week. His fellow Marines were astonished at the velocity of the release. It also happened that the jar fell on her foot a year before the discharge. But it wasn't healing right, you know!

Then Oswald defected to the USSR. But how? The trip cost $1500. Oswald's bank account only had $203 deposited. After arriving in London, Oswald left for Helsinki on October 11th, a day when there were no commercial flights that would allow his one day flight.

Oswald had private transportation to Helsinki.

Oswald went right to the U. S. Embassy in Moscow, renounced his U. S. citizenship and bragged that he had lots of secrets he was going to give to the Soviets. Oswald made sure all in the Embassy knew of it.

If Oswald was really a defector and not a U. S. spy, then U. S. intelligence could have taken the view that his was one of the most damaging defections in history. But it came out in the Warren Commission and House Select Committee that there was no damage assessment made. I guess it was just overlooked.

After 2 1/2 years Oswald applies to return to the United States. Instead of being grabbed, tried and arrested as a traitor when he came out, the United States accepts him back without a debriefing. The CIA explanation before the Warren Commission was that there were so many tourists coming in and out of Russia that there was nothing particularly about Oswald that would catch their attention.

One might wonder what is needed to catch their attention? A defector, government secrets...?

After the assassination, the CIA said that they suspected that Oswald was a Soviet spy. That makes it still more curious. Why didn't they debrief him?

The State Department then gives him money to travel back to the United States and get set up. They pay all his and his wife's travel and moving expenses. He is then given back his passport with full rights to travel anywhere.

His wife is exempted from usual immigration quotas - no waiting and no exclusion for having belonged to the Soviet Komsomol, which is a violation of U. S. Immigration laws. Yet she was allowed in.

Back in Dallas, Oswald settles in under the wing of George DeMohrenschildt, a right wing Russian with CIA ties, and a close friend [and pen pal] of George Bush.

Oswald starts a one person Fair Play for Cuba organization in New Orleans. It never has another member. During all his time in Dallas and New Orleans he never contacts a single member of any communist or leftist organization. His personal friendships were with right wing anti-Communist Cubans, crypto-fascists or CIA types. He was a friend of David Ferrie and Robert Morrow, Ferrie's fellow CIA contract employee. It was known that Ferrie was CIA. Oswald knew well Guy Banister, Clay Shaw and Jack Ruby.

Oswald got his job at the Book Depository three weeks before the JFK murder before the public knew the parade route would pass by there.

JFK observed Cambodian neutrality and negotiated a cease-fire and a coalition government in Laos which the CIA refused to honor. They backed instead a right wing faction that continued the war.

In 1963 JFK was the only person in his administration who opposed introducing ground troops in Viet Nam. He was the ONLY factor preventing the escalation of the war. He was a barrier.

In 1963 people in right wing circles, including elements in various intelligence organizations, did not think that Kennedy could be trusted with the nation's future.

Intelligence fixed on Kennedy's refusal to provide air cover for the Bay of Pigs, his refusal to go into Cuba with U. S. forces. his anti-trust suit against GE, his fight with US Steel over price increases, his challenge to the Federal Reserve Board and his call for racial equality.

Our interest in the JFK assassination is not JFK worship. It is not Camelot yearning as the left critics would say. It is not big evils and conspiracy titillation as the main stream media would say.

Our interest is born of democratic struggle --- a desire to know what is going on. A desire to have rulers who are worthy of our name and the name of democracy.

Highly recommended.

Interview with James E. Files at Joliet State Prison, 3/22/94
I HR 21 MIN, MPI Home Video, 1996
$19.98 from 800-777-2223

This video will be discussed thoroughly by researchers because it contains so many specific explanations of the JFK assassination methods.

James E. Files (born James Sutton, January 1942) was recruited by CIA controlling officer David Atlee Philips, who assigned him to work with radical Cuban exiles and clandestine operations. Files was approached by the CIA upon his return from Laos where he had served in the 82nd U. S. Airborne Special Operations.

Files had Mob ties since his childhood, having been raised in Chicago in an Italian neighborhood where he later worked for mobster Charles Nicoletti, becoming his driver or chauffeur.

Files had been introduced to Lee Oswald in early 1963 by David Atlee Philips, the CIA officer who controlled both men, Files and Oswald. The two contract employees ran guns to anti-Castro Cubans in New Orleans and the town of Clinton.

Files knew Frank Sturgis, Eugene (James) Braden, Richard Helms and several other big players in the intelligence community, though he never met Allen Dulles. He says that he was never told by any CIA man that the CIA wanted Kennedy killed or that they were going to kill him. It would have been uncharacteristic for them to have said they would kill anybody, for after all, Files was not a member of the CIA, himself. Files said he knows many in intelligence, however, who knew ahead of time of the planned murder.

The JFK assassination was initially planned for Chicago, but people in Chicago did not like that idea so when Kennedy decided to go to Dallas, the plans were shifted there.

Files says that in the Mob and in the CIA curiosity kills the cat, in other words, no one asks anyone else's business for fear of being blamed if the crimes are discovered. To be one of the few who knows a crime plan when subsequently that crime is discovered and punished can be fatal.

The Chicago mobster Charles Nicoletti told Files that JFK would be hit about six months prior to November 22, 1963. Files had trained several CIA operatives at the No Name Ridge in the Everglades for the Bay of Pigs operation. Files further said that Kennedy was universally disliked in the Secret Service, the CIA and at the Pentagon and in other government agencies in general and in particular after the Bay of Pigs failure. He is chagrined that Kennedy is spoken of as the beloved president when no one, even in his own cabinet, in truth, actually like him then.

Johnny Roselli was a liaison man between the Mob and the CIA, whereas the soft spoken close friend of Files, Charles Nicoletti was only rarely so involved. It was David Atlee Philips who introduced Files to Roselli and not his Mafia employer Nicoletti.

Files was instructed to drive his Burgundy 1963 Chevrolet car to Dallas one week before the murder, taking many guns. He stayed in Mesquite, Texas then notified Roselli. Shortly thereafter Lee Oswald arrived at his hotel room and stayed the week, driving him around (he says LHO was a good driver, very smart, soft-spoken and could not have killed Kennedy) and showed him all the particulars of Dealey Plaza and the layout of an escape route should he ever need to flee the area.

It was Mr. Files' impression that Oswald and he both knew why they were examining Dealey Plaza, though the name of Kennedy was never mentioned. Oswald took Files to a firing range to the Southeast of Mesquite where he fired the weapons and "calibrated the scopes on anything that might be needed."

Files says he was not told that he was in Mesquite to kill Kennedy. All he knew was that he was to deliver weapons and to help in the murder of JFK in any way he could. It was only at 10:30 AM on November 22nd that Charles Nicoletti asked Files how he felt about backing him up in the hit. He would only have to shoot, he was told, if it became extremely necessary.

Files said he would be extremely honored to back Nicoletti up.

Nicoletti then asked him where he thought the best place to stand would be and Files said he would stand by the stockade fence where he could pass himself off as a railroad worker. Then both men agreed that Nicoletti should fire from the Dal-Tex building.

On November 22, the morning of the assassination, Files picked up John Roselli at the Dallas Cabana Hotel at 7 AM then drove to a Fort Worth pancake house restaurant where he watched and guarded a meeting between Roselli and Jack Ruby. Ruby handed over a 5 x 9 envelope which they later opened in the car. It contained fake Secret Service IDs and a map of the motorcade route. Roselli noted that the map proved that a change had been made in the motorcade route making a zig-zag off of Main Street.

Files then drove Roselli back to the Dallas Cabana Hotel and went to his room. He then met his beloved and adored boss, Charles Nicoletti, and both men went to Dealey Plaza around 10 AM and walked all over the area. The morning was drizzly raining and somewhat cool.

At 11:10 AM the morning of the murder, standing on the knoll, Nicoletti asked Files what weapon he would use. Files said he wanted to use a specially made early 1961 EP 2100 Remington Firebrand Pistol. It fired 222 caliber shells, which were an exaggerated and expanded high velocity 22 shell. It was, said Files, the most elite gun ever manufactured and was given to him by his CIA controller, David Atlee Philips for earlier assassination jobs. It was used twice before Kennedy. To shoot Kennedy, he used a 222 shell with a Mercury load in it designed to fragmentate. The pistol was easy to conceal and could be carried in a briefcase.

Shortly before noon they went back to the Chevrolet car and Files took a briefcase out with the gun inside. He wore his jacket turned inside out to show a plaid pattern, then went back to the railroad yard, secured the briefcase and looked things over, even walking down the knoll.

As the Kennedy limousine approached Dealey Plaza, Files went back up to the fence area, approximately 15 feet from the end of it, to the briefcase and waited until the limo turned onto Elm Street. Then Files took out his Firebrand. He heard shots being fired from behind. He assumed it was Nicoletti in the Dal-Tex building for he knew Roselli and Nicoletti were there and Roselli did not have a weapon. He remembers the shots ringing out.

But they were going for a head shot and Files was not sure whether Kennedy was hit. He says he saw the body lurch, then he saw the body lurch again, a second time, then he heard a shot that missed Kennedy.

He was keeping Kennedy in the scope of the Fireball and when he got to the point where he thought it would be the last field of fire, Files zeroed in to the left side [from his view] of the President's head. He figured it was the last chance for a shot in the head. So he fired a round, but Nicoletti had fired approximately at the same time, just a fraction of a second ahead of him. the shot throwing Kennedy's head forward, which caused Files "to miss Kennedy's left eye" [from the observer's view] and Files' shot to Kennedy's right temple threw Kennedy's head backwards. Files saw the brain matter exit the rear of the head and go back out of the limousine. He estimates from much experience in assassinations that about 60% of the back of the President's head was blown off.

Files said he was feeling cocky and proud and as a signature of his calling card bit the shell to leave teeth marks on it and left it standing on the fence. A stupid thing to do, he says.

Files put the Remington Fireball into the briefcase, pulled his jacket off and reversed it so that the plaid was inside and a grey suit type color was on the outside again. He put a cap on his head and walked calmly away carrying the briefcase.

He walked to the edge of the stockade fence, did not walk down the steps, but walked across the grass to the dead end street that ends by the parking lot. Then he went to his 1963 Burgundy Chevrolet car by the parking lot. Nicoletti was already in the right front seat and Roselli in the back. He put the briefcase under the steering wheel and they drove away to a gas station where a car was waiting for the two mobsters. Files went back to his Mesquite hotel room, slept the night, and drove to Illinois in the morning as instructed.

Files had not asked for any money, but was thrilled to do any favors for Charles Nicoletti, whom he thought was a god. He idolized this man. Eventually he was paid $30,000, but that was a month later, and he had to ask what it was for when he received it.

Nicolleti later told Mr. Files that he had unnecessarily shot too soon, for there were supposed to be no shots from the front! It is an interesting question as to why the original plan was to have no frontal shots if possible.

Interestingly, Johnny Roselli had been flown to Dallas just prior to the assassination by the CIA on a Military Air Transport Service plane going to Fort Worth. Further, Files states that minutes before the assassination when he was looking around Dealey Plaza he saw many CIA people there. He has said that it was like "old home week." Frank Sturgis (whom he believes did not plan the assassination), Eugene (James) Braden and Jack Ruby were hanging around within short range of him. Also, Mr. Files says that two men with Secret Service ID turned two policemen away right from the knoll right after the shots but that he has no idea who they were or who planned this.

Files says that he knows who killed David Ferrie and also that he met with the true killer of officer Tippit right after Tippit was killed. This man is still alive and was originally hired to kill Oswald, Files says.

James E. Files looks like a twin of Marlon Brando in his role as Godfather in the movie The Godfather. You will surely make this visual association when watching Files talk for over 1 hour. The white hair, the distinguished, intelligent face with puffy cheeks, and the deliberate, measured speech - there is a resemblance.

Mr. Files states that Sam Giancana who would have ordered Nicoletti to execute the JFK murder would not by himself have had the authority to authorize it. Giancana was second in command at that time under Anthony Accardo who would of necessity have had to approve any such operation.

Files knows nothing of any shooters from the Book Depository, and says he was unable to distinguish the source of the gunshots he heard as there was so much echo at the time and he was concentrating on fulfilling his job there.

But Mr. Files says that the government of the United States often kills people. It is nothing for them to kill their own citizens, he says. Files refuses to give a number to the times he has assassinated people. He says it is not relevant to the JFK assassination.

Files further says that he is speaking out now only because of his deep admiration and respect for Joe West. Files says that Mr. West was one of the finest men he ever met in his life and he would do anything for him. Files says that he will never give out information that will put anyone in prison. He can speak of Roselli, Giancana and Nicoletti because they are dead.


by David Lifton
36 MIN, Rhino Video, 1990

Lifton is a master craftsman and wrote every word of this video with great precision and love. This work will live in history as a major evidence document.

Chief of the Day at Bethesda, Dennis David, states that he unloaded a cheap, gray, 60 lb., Vietnam-style casket containing President Kennedy's body from a black unmarked ambulance. Jerrold Custer, the Bethesda X-ray technician who X-rayed the President's body, states that as he was walking out of the autopsy room with an armload of just taken X-rays of the President, he saw Mrs. Kennedy arrive at the hospital with a 1000 lb. bronze ceremonial casket in a Navy ambulance. The thesis of the video is that this second ambulance was transporting an empty casket and that the President's body was altered between Dallas and Bethesda.

Aubrey Pike, Dallas funeral attendant, is shown saying he placed Kennedy's body in a very expensive 1000 lb. ceremonial bronze casket with the body wrapped in sheets. Paul O'Connor, who removed Kennedy's body at Bethesda, states that when he removed the body from the cheap casket, it was zipped up inside a plastic body bag.

X-ray technician Custer and O'Connor both emphatically swear that the entire brain of Kennedy was missing upon arrival in Bethesda, so that two fists could be placed in the cavity. The Dallas doctors, claims Lifton, state only half that amount of brain was missing at the Dallas Parkland Hospital.

Highly recommended.

by Mark Lane and Emile de Antonio
1 HR 38 MIN, MPI Home Video, 1966; $19.98

Anyone who believes that consummate liar and fraud, Mr. Posner, should see and hear the numerous witnesses, all filmed by 1966, who swear they heard shots, saw a puff of smoke or saw a gunman in the area of the grassy knoll.

Railroad supervisor, S.M. Holland testifies that he and three friends saw smoke and heard shots from behind the fence and all of them immediately ran to the area. He saw about 50 other people run to the same area. His friend, who was with him, corroborates this testimony in every respect.

L. E. Bowers, railroad supervisor, states he saw a 1959 Oldsmobile station wagon with out-of-state license plates survey the area just before the shooting, and another car, a 1961 or 1962 Chevrolet also survey the area. At the sound of shots, he saw a motorcycle policeman run immediately to the fence area, gun drawn. He saw a second motorcycle policeman drop his motorcycle half way up the knoll and do the same. He saw about 6-8 of his co-workers run to the area.

James Leon Simmons, railroad car inspector, heard the shots and saw the smoke near the fence. He was talking to a police officer Foster and they both ran to the fence and saw footprints where they had seen the smoke.

Deputy sheriff Buddy Walters is quoted as saying he heard the shots from the fence area.

J.C.Price, railroad engineer, says he heard shots and saw a man running from behind the triple overpass behind the fence.

Old TV news footage immediately after the shooting shows W. E. Newman saying the shots came from the garden area by the fence.

Mary Moorman states that the photograph she took at the instant of the fatal shot was seized by the FBI and never returned or shown. Orville Nix states that his film of the assassination shots was seized by the FBI and returned mutilated with critical frames missing. The FBI destroyed all photographs showing the Book Depository at the moments of the fatal shots.

Napoleon J. Daniels, former police officer, states he was with the officer Roy Vaughn at the basement entrance of the building where Oswald was shot and a man of Ruby's description was allowed in without questioning.

TV footage of the hospital interview with Governor Connally is shown where he swears that the first magic bullet shot did not hit him. Connally states that he heard the first shot, the magic bullet, turned around to look at the wounded President, then turned back facing the front and then was shot. Then he heard a third shot, which did not hit him.

A good section of the video explains and documents the profoundly close relationship Jack Ruby had with Dallas police officers, supplying them with unlimited alcohol, women and gambling.

For humor I have placed at the end of my personal copy of this evidence video a 30 second interview segment of Gerald Posner that I taped off a FOX 5 TV program on conspiracies. Mr. Posner, who ranks amongst the greatest mental and moral murderers of our century, is saying "there are no witnesses on the day of the assassination to shots anywhere but from the Book Depository. And many of those who come forward now, do so for book contracts 15-20 years later and were not even at Dealey Plaza at the time."

Who is financing this bastard?


1 HR 36 MIN, Vestron Video, 1992

Because Garrison was so thoroughly attacked by NBC and all the major news media, attention is given to their corrupt practices.

Walter Sheridan, a ranking NBC Network reporter, was secretly taped by Garrison's office of the District Attorney of New Orleans bribing major witness Perry Russo with a job with a real estate firm and a new California home if he would recant and say he never saw or knew Clay Shaw. The tape recording revealed that NBC newsman Sheridan threatened witness Russo with personal ruin if he persisted in stating the he was at David Ferrie's New Orleans' apartment in the summer of 1963 and saw Clay Shaw, Oswald and David Ferrie there in a heated discussion planning the subsequent JFK murder. Walter Sheridan was indicted for the bribery and threats.

A pleasant segment of the video documents that historical moment when Dan Rather of CBS appeared on that network, lying to the American people in their millions by saying that he had just seen the Zapruder film (this is right after the assassination) and that it proves the government charges that Oswald did it. Rather said that the fatal shot of frame 313 throws the President's head forward and proves the shot came from the Book Depository. All America now has seen the Zapruder film and verified with their own eyes that Rather is an unprincipled liar and a paid prostitute.

This video contains good clips from THE PLOT TO KILL JFK video. Nix, Price, Holland, Simmons, Dodd, Newman, Bowers and Moorman each describes shots, smoke, or a shooter in the knoll area and deaf-mute Ed Hoffman states he saw the shooter throw a gun to a man in a railroad uniform who then walked off with it. Mention is made of the testimony of the deceased Julian Ann Mercer to the FBI who said she saw Jack Ruby unload an armed man at the grassy knoll area.

Fletcher Prouty recounts his purchase at noon in New Zealand of the Christchurch Star newspaper which had a full biographical article on Oswald, including mention of his defection to Russia. I have added up the hours. Oswald was arrested at 1:45 PM Dallas time. The Star article was on the newsstands in New Zealand at 5 PM Dallas time. The information in the article was already in AP files, the Star management maintains.

Prouty, who was the liaison officer between the Pentagon and the covert CIA operations, states that the Secret Service on the day of the assassination was ordered by the commanding Colonel of the special military unit charged with protecting the President to stand down as there would be another unit used. No such unit existed or was used.

Dallas police officer Roger Craig is shown in old TV news footage stating that he found two guns on the 6th floor of the Depository, a 7.65 Mauser, which mysteriously disappeared, and the now well known Mannlicher Carcano. Craig says that three shells were found lined up perfectly, less than an inch apart, facing the same direction near the window.

Craig states that special orders were issued by the police chief on November 22 to cease from any efforts to protect the President. Craig's car was blown up requiring him to spend two months in the hospital after he persisted in telling the truth of what he saw. He was subsequently murdered after agreeing to co-operate with Jim Garrison and testify in New Orleans.

The Mayor of Dallas was the brother of General Charles Cabell, whom JFK fired from the CIA for lying to him. Mayor Earle Cabell of Dallas at the last minute personally changed the limousine route so the motorcade would pass by the waiting ambush.

Viewers can see the actual FBI document that states that the paraffin tests of Oswald proved he did not fire a gun. Viewers may also see the letter immediately written by J. Edgar (a.k.a. Mary) Hoover stating that those tests proved that Oswald had fired a gun.

The November 9, 1963 letter from Hoover to all FBI agents in charge warning of threats to assassinate Kennedy in Dallas on the 22nd or 23rd is shown on the screen.

The photos of the shots through the limousine windshield and dashboard are shown, though oddly, no mention is made that Johnson immediately ordered the destruction of all limousine evidence and the rebuilding of the car's interior.

Shown on the screen is the Warren Commission document proving that Clay Bertrand (Clay Shaw) called New Orleans' attorney Dean Andrews on November 22, 1963 and hired him to defend Oswald.

It is also revealed that Bill Pailey, CBS president and CEO, was a member of the CIA from its beginnings as the OSS and had prepared a two hour program endorsing the Warren Commission Report prior to its publication.

There are good appearances by Mark Lane and Harold Weisberg. Also contains the TV news footage of Governor Connally swearing that the magic bullet did not hit him.


Interviews by TV host, The Wiz
2 HRS, Grey Wizard Videos, 1992
Box 383, Jamesport, NY 11947

Lane has ignorantly been accused of being either a Communist or a Nazi these days for his defense of The Liberty Lobby, publisher of The Spotlight magazine. Please see this video to learn that Lane, an accomplished defense attorney, used the case for discovery purposes and revealed through its means substantial evidence of a CIA plot and plan to kill President Kennedy.

This is a great video document to the dedicated life of Mr. Lane. It contains unpublished major new information.

Of special interest is Lane's recent tape-recorded interview with CIA operative Gerry Patrick Hemming where Mr. Hemming states that he was offered a CIA contract by Guy Banister in September of 1962 to murder President Kennedy. Hemming was hired by the government to provide airport security for Kennedy in Miami three weeks prior to the Dallas assassination. Lane said that he asked Mr. Hemming how he liked his book Plausible Denial, where Hemming is identified as one of the men who plotted Kennedy's Dallas murder. Hemming, according to the tape recorded interview by Lane, stated that the book had erred in stating that the assassination caravan from Miami to Dallas consisted of two cars only when, in fact, there were actually three cars.

In the 1978 E. Howard Hunt v. Liberty Lobby trial, Marita Lorenz, for years a CIA operative, testified that she was approached by the (later) Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis, working with Mr. E. Howard Hunt as CIA paymaster, to hire her to accompany a November 21, 1963 caravan of cars to Dallas with guns and ammunition. She backed out, sensing an assassination, as all her previous jobs with this CIA group involved only purchasing guns for anti-Castro Cubans.

Following the murder, while recruiting Marita for another CIA job, Sturgis bragged to Miss Lorenz that "you missed the big one, we did it! The CIA killed Kennedy." In the assassination caravan were also Mr. G. Novis and Mr. I. Novis, two Cuban brothers, and Mr. Hemming. Lorenz testified under oath that the operation was run from a CIA safe house in Miami bossed by Orlando Bosch with Alexander Rorke, Jr. both known CIA officials.

The Kennedy Library has record of Robert Kennedy calling CIA director John McCone immediately after the assassination and asking "did the CIA kill my brother?"

Robert Kennedy told several people that if he won the California Democratic Presidential primary, he would the following morning announce that, if elected President, he would conduct a thorough investigation into who murdered his brother. He won the primary election and was murdered that night.

I strongly recommend to all students of these assassinations to see the Investigative Reports TV program on the Robert Kennedy assassination by Bill Kurtis on the Arts and Entertainment Network. This report is the most perfect, honest and thorough TV documentary on any assassination and should be required viewing for all students.

[I ask you to write Bill Kurtis at the Arts and Entertainment Network and request that it be made available on home video cassette. His address is: A and E Network, 235 East 45th Street; New York, NY 10017.]

Lane recalls for the camera how both CIA and FBI agents went to each of the many publishers who promised to publish Rush to Judgment and persuaded them to cancel their contracts. All but Holt, Rinehart and Winston did so. Lane discovered documents and statements in officious CIA memos where strategies to ruin Lane were planned. One memo Lane obtained said they "should use their elite contacts in the media to persuade the public that Lane was only interested in making money from Kennedy's death."

Lane tells of attending a Washington cocktail party where a man approached him sullenly and said "You don't want to talk to me." It was Milton Vierest [sp], reporter for the New York Post, who years earlier while covering the Warren Commission Hearings had borrowed and photocopied from Mr. Lane a letter from the Commission's chief counsel, J. L. Rankin, that invited attorney Lane to appear and represent Oswald. This letter was published in the Post, but with that paragraph omitted in an article that accused Lane of lying when he claimed that he was invited to so appear as Oswald's defense attorney. The reporter apologized, said it was the worst thing he had ever done, but that he was ordered to lie by his New York Post boss!

The Bar Association began disbarrment proceedings against Lane, which are still pending.

Lane discovered that Jack Ruby was employed by Congressman Richard Milhouse Nixon and was a staff member of the House un-American Activities Committee. Mr. William F. Buckley also once was a paid agent of the CIA and often prints misinformation friendly to that agency.

Richard Helms testified on record in connection with the Liberty Lobby case that Clay Shaw was a CIA contract agent.

Highly recommended.

51 MIN, White Star Videos, 1988

This is the best overall exposè of the single bullet hoax on video and is often shown on the A & E Network. Dr. Cyril Wecht, Robert Shaw, MD, Governor Connally's surgeon at Parkland, Harold Weisberg, Professor David Wrone and others demolish this foolish lie.

Much time is spent discussing the fraudulent autopsy report that placed a back entrance bullet wound six inches higher in the throat area than was the case. Without a single exception, all the experts called by the Warren Commission testified that bullet 399 could not possibly have caused the wounds it was claimed to have caused. Harold Weisberg states: "The official story is not true and those who issued it knew it was not true. There is no way the autopsy doctors could have mistaken a back wound for a neck wound six inches higher. The single bullet theory is blatantly designed to mislead. Neither the FBI nor the Secret Service ever accepted the single bullet theory."

Frame by frame of the Zapruder film shows Governor Connally comfortably holding his hat for one full second after he was supposedly shot in the wrist by the magic bullet. Dr. Robert Shaw, Connally's surgeon, states that The Warren Commission Report could not possibly be true.


51 MIN each, 1989
A & E Home Video, $99.95 for five videos

This series, often shown on A & E, boldly states at the beginning that the murder of President Kennedy was a Coup d'Etat and that Oswald was a patsy.

The first video, Coup d' Etat, shows the revealing news footage of Jack Ruby with the following dialogue:

Ruby: Everything pertaining to what is happening has never come to the surface. The world will never know the true facts of what occurred --- my motive. The people that had so much to gain and such a material motive to put me in the position I am in will never let the true facts come above board in the world.

Reporter: Are these people in very high positions, Jack?

Ruby: Yes.

The Warren Commission was begged eight times by Ruby to be taken out of Dallas so he could talk and tell the truth.

Beverly Oliver is shown describing a meeting at Ruby's nightclub two weeks before the assassination where she, Ruby, Oswald and Jada, a dancer there, were having drinks. Ruby introduced Oswald as "My friend, Lee." Jada stated the same thing to the press the day after the murder.

Dallas police officer Billy Grammer states for the camera that he received a call from Jack Ruby at 9 PM the night before Oswald's murder warning the police to change the route or "we are going to kill him."

The second video, titled The Forces of Darkness, contains the fine testimonies of two persons who saw a shooter with a person beside him behind the fence. Gordon Arnold, then a serviceman filming the motorcade, and deaf-mute Ed Hoffman, both recount a puff of smoke and/or a shot from behind the fence. Arnold heard two shots from there as did the deceased Lee Bowers. A man with CIA credentials ordered Arnold to leave the area just before the shooting. Right after the shooting, a man in a police officer's uniform and who was shaking and crying approached Arnold, kicked him and confiscated his film. He had a drawn gun in his hand. Arnold saw a railroad man behind the police officer. [Note: Arnold does not mention that the police officer was a foreigner or had any accent.]

Ed Hoffman states that the FBI offered him cash to keep quiet, but he says he saw the shooter throw the gun to a railroad man who dismantled it, placed it in a tool box and then walk away. This video has the best testimony yet of Hoffman whose sincerity and reliability are above reproach.

A colorized, computerized photo of Badge Man is shown. This photo by Mary Moorman was taken at the instant of the fatal shot and shows a man in a police uniform shooting towards the motorcade and a man with a hard hat near to him. The photo corroborates perfectly Arnold's and Hoffman's testimonies, otherwise I would not place too much weight on the shadowy images.

Beverly Oliver states that she was filming towards the fence at the moment of the shots and that the FBI seized her film with promises to return it within ten days. It was never returned. This movie would answer every question about the grassy knoll and the number of shooters there.

51 witnesses swore to the FBI that shots came from the knoll area. Over 100 people rushed to that area upon hearing shots from there.

The Corsican Theory

A section of the video contains an iffy theory that the Chicago Mafia arranged with the Corsican Mafia to bring three of their assassins here to kill the President. Conspicuously absent from this presented theory are any evidential documents, witnesses to these alleged assassins or any corroborating testimony from anyone not in the Corsican Mafia, of which, by the way, only two are ever said to have spoken about the matter.

Christian David, a scumbag heroin dealer with the Corsican Mafia, now in prison, told an author interviewer that he was approached in the summer of 1963 in Marseilles with a deal to kill Kennedy. The video attempts to corroborate David's story with the testimony of another scumbag, a former member of the Corsican Mafia now turned informant for U.S. Intelligence. The latter was located by U.S. Intelligence for the investigator. The two state that three assassins were flown to Mexico, then driven to Texas by Chicago mobsters where they did all the shooting at the President. Until I have more documents and more reliable witnesses, I remain doubtful of the word of these criminals. David states that he has written in a sealed envelope, which he gave to his attorney, the names of the killers and their bosses. He will reveal this information only if he is released from prison.

A nice segment of the video features Fletcher Prouty reading from an official U.S. Government CIA publication, ASSASSINATION MANUAL FOR LATIN AMERICA [Your tax dollars at work, folks!]. This manual instructs CIA officers in Latin America to hire local organized crime gunmen for the efficient murder of unwanted local figures. Prouty believes that the Mafia role in the Kennedy murder was of such a design and that the Warren Commission was designed to cover for the hired killers.

Prouty recalls the unprecedented violations of the Secret Service manual regulations concerning security for the President, including an order that no Secret Service men were needed in Dealey Plaza. Windows were allowed to be open in buildings along the motorcade route. Most of the Secret Service men were drinking all night at The Cellar, a Fort Worth night club, which is strictly forbidden by regulations. The President's car by regulation is never allowed to move slower than 44 MPH unless stringent extra precautions are taken. It is unheard of to let the President's car turn a corner at a slow speed, as did happen. The Secret Service ordered a military unit, Special Group #113, which normally would have been used, to stand down, saying they were not needed.

Video three, The Cover-up, shows Mary Woodward, Dallas Morning News reporter, recalling the story she wrote immediately after she saw the assassination. She wrote that a shot had come from the fence area. The editor pulled the story saying that he did not want to "rock the boat" with the government.

Joseph Adams Milteer, a ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, the White Citizen's Council of Atlanta, and other hate groups is heard on secret November 11, 1963 tape recordings by a Miami police informant predicting the murder of the President in Dallas "from an office building with a high powered rifle." Milteer can be heard on the tape saying that the plan was to arrest a patsy within hours to throw the public off. Milteer phoned the informant, his childhood friend William Somersett, from Dallas on the 22nd bragging that Kennedy would not be visiting Miami again.

This video closes with the staggering truth: No witness, at any time, has ever described the assassination events the way the Warren Commission concluded they had occurred.

Video four, The Patsy, shows Oswald's neighbor, Buell Wesley Frazier, tell the facts of the oft-distorted curtain rod story. Frazier drove Oswald with his curtain rods to work on November 22. Without reservation, Frazier clearly states and shows with his own arm, how he saw Lee place the curtain rod package between the cup of his hand and under his armpit, about a two foot distance. The dis-assembled Manlicher Carcano rifle is a full three feet long. Put a three foot ruler under your armpit, folks!

Carolyn Arnold, Lee's co-worker at the Book Depository, states that moments before the shots, she saw Oswald on the second floor. The motorcade was a full six minutes late, and had Oswald been planning the murder, he certainly would not have wasted time on the second floor.

Dallas motorcycle police officer Marion Baker tells of being assigned to the motorcade route about six cars behind the President and upon hearing the shots and seeing the birds fly off the Book Depository roof, rushed inside the building and found Oswald calmly drinking a Coke within 90 seconds of the shots.

Had Oswald just shot the President 90 seconds earlier, he would have had to hide the gun and run down four flights of stairs unobserved by several people there who swear he did not do so. After the assassination Oswald was seen calmly walking to a cab stand, where he politely offered the first cab to a waiting passenger. He took a cab home, got his gun and jacket, then calmly walked to the bus stop and waited for a bus!

Within 15 minutes of the murder, Oswald's description was broadcast over police radio. No one is admitting who provided it.

The ticket taker at the Texas Theater where Oswald was arrested, Butch Buroughs, is shown recalling that Oswald arrived after the feature film started at 1 PM, from 1 PM to 1:07 PM. The police report stated that Tippit was killed at 1:07 PM. Oswald was at the theater, therefore, when Tippit was murdered.

The mortician who handled the Oswald funeral states that Federal agents came to his funeral home in the early hours of the morning and fingerprinted and palm printed Oswald, leaving ink stains that he later had to remove.

Jim Garrison is shown stating most eloquently that perhaps the greatest crime of all is that Oswald, who was just trying to be a good Marine and serve his country, was set up as a patsy while being told that he was penetrating an assassination plot and could save the President.

The fifth video, The Witnesses, deals with the grief and sentimental reactions of people who witnessed the murder.

Beverly Oliver, Major Phil Willis and Mary Woodward give short and relevant testimony to a shooter seen in the fence area.

The detective who states he found the famous backyard photos of Lee with the rifles, Gus Rose, testifies that when he and Captain Fritz of the Dallas police interviewed Oswald he denied ever owning a gun in his life. Marina Oswald swore to the Warren Commission that she took the backyard photo, but later told researcher Larry Howard that she had taken the photo from a much different position, under the stairs. Marina never contradicted the fact of taking a backyard photo of Lee with a gun, but stated it had been altered.

Oswald also stated to the Dallas police that he never used the name of Alek Hidell, though he was carrying photo I.D. with that name upon it when he was arrested.

FBI agent James Hosty, who was in charge of agent Oswald in Dallas prior to the assassination, states on camera that the original charge filed by the Dallas police against Oswald was that he had murdered the President to further an international Communist conspiracy. Hosty argues that this is the reason why the CIA diligently worked to cover-up every possible link between Oswald and conspirators, as President Johnson had issued strict emergency orders to cease mentioning conspiracy and to drop conspiracy charges against Oswald in Dallas. Agents were told that the new President was attempting to avoid World War III. The FBI was ordered not to reveal to the Dallas police facts of Oswald's defection to Russia nor his past.

Hosty claims that the White House ordered the CIA in Mexico City to immediately desist and cease from investigating a Castro or Cuba connection to Oswald and that the ambassador to Mexico City was similarly ordered to stop investigating any such connection. Hosty claims that Oswald admitted to him taking the Mexico City trip.

The conflicting analysis of the Mexico City trip interests me. In the three hour PBS Frontline program Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald,? at about 1 HR 45 MIN, the three Russian Consulates at the Soviet Embassy, who were KGB men, each are seen saying that Lee Oswald clearly did visit their embassy to apply for a visa. Mr. Oleg Nechiporenko and Mr. Valery Kostikov and a third official are very sure that they saw Oswald at their office. Sylvia Duran, whom one competent researcher claims was forced earlier to so testify, is seen on camera calmly remembering that Oswald clearly was the man she saw at the Cuban embassy two blocks away, where she worked.

I would ask a prosperous student of the assassination to perhaps hire a professional to do a voice stress lie detector test from various videos of Hosty's statements, as well as those of the principals in the murder. Hosty's name, phone number and license plate number were in Oswald's wallet when he was arrested. Voice stress analysis as a lie detector method is widely accepted in Canadian courts of law and is allowed as legal lie detector evidence in over a dozen U.S. states.

The Dallas police radio system was jammed by a signal of unknown origin from two minutes before the fatal shots, to five minutes after, blocking all police communications on the main channel.

Before the House Assassinations Committee Hearings in 1976 the FBI and the CIA both admitted to obstructing justice and withholding evidence from the Warren Commission, major felonies that were never prosecuted.

1 HR 55 MIN, B&W, MPI Home Video, produced for Italian TV

This is a history of the Kennedy's with some clear analysis of their murders. Much emphasis is placed on the factors of oil and racial hatred as contributing to the assassinations.

The narrator states that James Earl Ray was arrested in Dallas right after the JFK assassination and immediately released.

Film is shown of Dallas cab driver Raymond Cummings, who previously testified that he gave a cab ride to both Oswald and Ferrie to Ruby's nightclub a few weeks before the murder. No other video mentions Raymond Cummings.

The insurance statistics are quoted: The number of JFK murder witnesses killed would normally occur with only a probability of one chance in 13 billion.

1 HR 30 MIN, Warner Home Video, 1992

This is a puff piece for Stone and his movie. It is feeble and disoriented.

It has some good segments, such as the interview with Tip O'Neill who recalls his conversation with two Kennedy aids, Ken O'Donnell and Dave Powers, who admitted they lied to the Warren Commission after being coerced by the FBI to do so. They had heard shots from the grassy knoll.

Oswald's New Orleans' friend, Ron Lewis, is shown saying that he visited the 544 Camp Street office of Guy Banister with Oswald to see guns recently obtained for anti-Castro Cubans. He saw Ferrie and Jack Ruby there.

Lyndon Johnson's former mistress, Madeleine Brown, is shown saying that she saw both Ruby and Oswald together at the Carousel Club discussing gun running to anti-Castro Cubans. She further states that on December 31, 1963, the New Year's Eve after the assassination, she asked her friend and lover President Johnson whether he had participated in John Kennedy's murder. She states he became furious, but said that the CIA and oil men that she personally knew in Dallas had done it. She was friendly with H.L. Hunt, the world's wealthiest oil man, who had printed the famous "Wanted" posters.

Beverly Oliver is shown stating that she was introduced to Lee Oswald at the Carousel Club by Ruby who said he was "Lee Oswald of the CIA."

Perry Russo is seen stating that he saw Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, several Cubans and Oswald at Ferrie's apartment where serious assassination plans were formulated.

This video is weak on evidence and high on glamor and interviews with the rich and famous. Lots of Stone's film is shown.

A very refreshing portion of the video is the interview with TV newsman Robert McNeil who was one of the hundred people who was photographed running up to the fence on the grassy knoll right after shots were fired. He saw policemen run up there, and states: "We have seen revealed one conspiracy after another in our government. You would have to be a fool to dismiss conspiracies."

1 HR 17 MIN, MPI Home Video; $19.98

This is a very weak video. It opens with 45 minutes of Cuban and Kennedy history without a clear analysis or direction.

There is a good 15 second interview with Dallas newspaper reporter Alan Bickley who remembers that prior to Kennedy's arrival in Dallas a frequently asked joke question was "Where do you think Kennedy will be shot?" There were about 50 different anti-Castro groups flourishing at that time and most of them hated Kennedy and had murderous intentions.

Adlai Stevenson, then ambassador to the United Nations, is shown in old TV news footage lying to the U.N. and swearing that the United States did not invade Cuba! [Do all politicians lie?] Stevenson was assaulted leaving a Dallas dinner meeting on October 24, 1963 and the atmosphere there was hateful to the Kennedy administration.

It is also stated that Ruby made a series of long distance phone calls to David Ferrie right after the assassination.

An FBI informant, Cuban exile leader Jose Allenande, was told by Mafia boss Santos Trafficante, Jr., that JFK would be hit before the 1964 elections. The FBI did nothing with the information.

1 HR 43 MIN, New Frontier Video, 1993
by Robert Groden

This is a wonderful video, but it is too specialized for the average viewer. It deals exclusively with the technicalities of forensic evidence concerning the direction of the shots. Witnesses who saw the back of Kennedy's head blown off are filmed repetitively, and evidence is too often repeated.

Extensive testimony is given by witnesses on the wounds in the back of the President's head. Some of the witnesses appear to contradict the views of Mr. Lifton in The Best Evidence video, though not clearly so. Students of this point will want to listen carefully to every word of the witnesses in Dallas as to the size of the exit wound in the rear of the President's head.

This is noble research of the highest order, and God bless Mr. Groden for his tremendous thoroughness.

All of the Parkland doctors were shown the Bethesda autopsy photographs and without exception each states on camera that they are fraudulent and incorrect. The Bethesda photographers who took the true autopsy photos state that the official government photos are fakes. Further, the X-ray photos and the autopsy photos do not even agree with each other!

Groden proves beyond any question of doubt that the House Assassinations Committee released fraudulent photos, omitting bullet holes and drawing a tiny entrance wound in the back of Kennedy's head at the cowlick where one never existed! The House Committee is proven to be perpetrating a hoax and a cover-up fraud, itself.

50 MIN, JFK Video Group, 1990

This video inspires my heart and renews my patriotism. The honesty and true character of the American spirit is shown in the work of virtuoso photo analyst Jack White. For 25 years he has ceaselessly studied and tested every dot and corner of the famous backyard Oswald photos.

By the latest state-of-the-art scientific lab techniques of superimposition, and angle viewing, etc., this great video clearly reveals how the faces of each of the several backyard photos are all precisely identical and have shadow characteristics that do not match the shadow characteristics of the rest of the body or photo.

The House Committee on Assassinations told the public these photos were authentic. If you have any doubts they lied again to us on this point, get this video.

Reporter Jim Marrs is seen recalling his interviews with Robert and Patricia Hester of the National Photo Lab in Dallas. The Hesters, both lab technicians, insisted to Marrs that on the night of the Kennedy assassination the FBI and the Secret Service brought into their lab the photo that was printed in Life magazine. The men brought the photo for copying along with a color slide of the backyard without Oswald in the photo.

Highly recommended for those interested in this single issue.

1 HR, JFK Videos, 1991

This is a sadly disappointing sequel to FAKE.

The fact that Oswald was being impersonated months before the assassination and being set up as a patsy is a serious subject and the opening portions of this video document this crime against Oswald with great numbers of proven incidents.

Good exposÈ work on the backyard photos is done by measuring the size of the newspaper, which is fixed and known, to the size of Oswald's body in proportion. The newspaper obviously is not to scale by a huge error.

But the video lacks credibility when the brilliant Mr. White starts hypothesizing that the Oswald arrested in Dallas and shot on TV was an impostor and that the real Oswald never went to Russia at all. That the mother, Marguerite Oswald, and Oswald's brothers could not spot an impostor in place of the real Lee is so silly as to be hissed and booed. Scores of persons by now would have come forward, noticing the switch, and have spoken out. White quotes Lee's friends who uttered such post-assassination sayings as: "Lee is not the same man I knew when he went to Russia," and offers it as evidence that they were viewing a mystery impersonator.

A funny part of the video is seeing the medical document from Lee's 1958 Marine Corps records that the Warren Commission published. From his period of service in Japan, it states: "his VD was contracted in the line of duty and was not due to his own misconduct." Several researchers believe Lee was spying at a nightclub there.

Mention is made of the fact that the Senate Intelligence Committee in the early 1970s discovered yet another backyard photo of Oswald in Roscoe White's effects in Dallas. Jack White on a hunch, superimposed a photo of Roscoe White found in the same parcel over the backyard photo and the bodies matched perfectly. Jack White suspects that Roscoe White, the Dallas police officer, was hired in order to frame Oswald.

55 MIN, Cinema Guild, 1993
Interviews with Peter Dale Scott, Part One

This extremely interesting video reveals the advanced analysis of a cultured historian. This is not an evidence video but rather a history of the hidden agendas and schemes of the handful of wealthy and powerful capitalists who for centuries have secretly controlled the wealth of this hemisphere.

Scott teaches us that our visible government mainly receives its orders from a wealthy group which has a long history of alliances with organized crime and the CIA as well as its earlier incarnation, the OSS.

According to Scott, the deep political structure that ordered President Kennedy's murder has been controlling politics and governments and ordering assassinations since late last century. Kennedy's murder fits a routine Banana Republic pattern.

Scott reasons that if J. Edgar Hoover or top CIA officials had personally planned the JFK murder, they surely would not have chosen one of their paid agents as the patsy. They would have chosen someone untraceable to them. Scott also thinks that Oswald may have been paid by anti-Castro Cubans to distribute pro-Castro leaflets in order to arouse support for their cause. [Would an agent of the CIA or FBI be framed as a patsy in order to persuade those agencies to co-operate in a total government and media cover-up? Just asking!]

Scott states that Army Intelligence should be investigated more thoroughly in connection with Kennedy's death. Many Dallas Special Security Police officers, apparently key figures in the cover-up, were members of the Army Intelligence or the Army Intelligence Reserve, which had a large contingent in Dallas. One of their agents, James Powell, was allowed into the sealed-off Book Depository 6th floor right after the assassination and was instrumental in finding the Manlicher Carcano rifle and linking it to Oswald. Marina Oswald's first Russian translator, who distorted her words in important ways, was picked by an Army Intelligence officer.

Army Intelligence played a major and special role in covering up major assassination evidence without needing to do so to save face.

Highly recommended.

55 MIN, PBS Frontline, 1993
$69.95, 1-800-328-PBS1

This video is great fun. It is 55 minutes of one proof and documentation after another of the sickness and vile corruption that characterized the dishonest ways of J. Edgar (a.k.a. Mary) Hoover.

If any student of the assassination has the slightest doubt whether Hoover was up to his mascara in corrupt practices and was blackmailed constantly by the mob and the CIA both, see this Public Television masterpiece.

Testimonies on camera of those who have personally seen the porn photos (in the possession of the Mafia and the CIA) of him having oral sex with his FBI Deputy Director Clyde Tolson are given by extremely reliable sources, as well as recollections by close friends who attended parties or orgies where J. Edgar wore a black chiffon dress, a black wig, long, black false eyelashes, black stockings and heels and ordered everyone to call him "Mary." Better laugh than cry about it, I say!

Several sources with superb credentials say that the reason Hoover insisited that the Mafia did not exist was due to the fact that both the Mafia and the CIA had incriminating porn photos of him in their possession. Further, the Mafia wined and dined him and fixed horse races so he would win big money. Hoover's arrest in New Orleans for homosexual behavior and its subsequent cover-up is documented.

I am beginning to ask myself whether Kennedy could have escaped the assassination plot that took his life had he not, himself, been blackmailed by Hoover over his countless mistresses and affairs. According to Evelyn Lincoln, President Kennedy's secretary, Hoover blackmailed Kennedy and threatened to reveal his adulterous lifestyle if he did not choose Lyndon Johnson as his vice-presidential running mate. There is a de facto domino theory, or effect, here of immoral living as the weakest links in a chain of ruined government leaders, and a subsequent ruined government for the people of this land.

I am not a moralist, but had Kennedy been a faithful and honorable husband to his gorgeous wife and had he not earlier used the services of organized crime to further his own career, he might have had a fighting chance and be alive today. He then would not have been forced to choose Johnson as his vice-president. He then would not have double-crossed the Mafia, a capital offense amongst them. Some researchers have reasoned that without Johnson waiting in the wings, the assassination would have been futile and a waste of time.

Highly Recommended for all students.

Copyright © 1996 by Tom Hudson

Jack Ruby: The killing of Kennedy was to bring about a whole new form of government.

Penn Jones: The killing of President Kennedy was the most important takeover of a country in our world history.

Little Known Facts Department


"The President may make powerful enemies among his own people, and I would not rule out the possibility of an attempted assassination or worse if he is caught off his guard. Mr. President, I am deeply concerned for your personal safety and would respectfully urge you to strengthen your bodyguard, especially when you are in the streets and other public places."

- John Pendragin, astrologer, in British Fate magazine, October 25, 1963

In American Astrology magazine, November 1963, Leslie McIntyre wrote concerning the United States in a monthly column, Tomorrow's News:

"The lull in the cold war is just that and nothing more. In the past, such configurations [in the U. S. horoscope for November] have coincided with personal danger to our head of state, all the more so in this case in view of the grievous attack by Saturn on the President's natal trio of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, along with Uranus square his Sun.

"November is obviously fraught with peril of several varieties.

"Some major deficiency in our defense system will be hastily remedied this month when realization of the weakness creates a flap in political and Pentagonal circles. Apart from its direct link to things military, the powerful Mars influence incites much social unrest of the sort that erupts blindly into retaliative violence."

* * *