Work Sheet

The 1960s.An American Legacy-the Kennedy Family.JFK ass'n [ok]

JFK:35th anniversary (Holly Hildebrand & [ok]

Dealey Plaza Remote Observatory -- 3D [faulty]

Assassination Web - David Starks [ok]

Kennedy Assassination [[broke]] 

Attention To Details Web Site (best files from ATT-FTP site)

Martin Luther King JR Case Info (Backes byo JFK Lancer) Aug '97 [[broke]]

CIA and Oswald Link (a reference to) [[broke]]

Tom Blackwell's Homepage - includes COPA announcements [[broke]]

The John F. Kennedy Carcano - No. C 2766

Real Answers on the JFK Assassination (Gary Cornwell)

Digital Imagery:The JFK Investigation & the Hubble Telescope

Secrets of a Homicide (Dale Myers)

John F. Kennedy Assassination Pages (Dave Perry)

Deep Politics Quarterly

The Assassination Web (David Starks)

JFK -What really happened? -Les Duffy's Page on JFK's assassination

The Grassy Knoll

Greetings from Lee Harvey Oswald

Official Robert Groden Homepage (

Crime of the Century: The JFK Assassination (J.Guterman)

Assassinations - guide (Dr. Doc Hambone)

JFK Site by Phil Hopley in Sydney, Australia

Kennedy Assassination Research Page (jerrymac)

James Files Evidence Posted (give email address to access) (Bob Vernon)

Searching for JFK's Killer(s)

JFK Watch

Who Really Shot JFK?

John F. Kennedy Assassination.

JFK Connections (K Vogel)

JFK's Assassination

John W. Hughes Site includes "Square Peg for a Round Hole" info

JFK Web Page

Larry Charbonneau's JFK Page

The Lee Harvey Oswald Research Page  

Lighthouse Report

JFK Lancer Site Old Address (new:

JFK Assassination (Johan Hjelmberg)

Gonzo Links - Conspiracies

Puzzle Palace - Anthony Marsh JFK site

Oswald Missed

The Truth, Cloth Monkey Press (Scott P. Cook)

JFK/related Photo Analysis Link (Mtexchange)

JFK/Political Web Page (Michael T. Griffith)

The JFK Network

The Sniper's Perspective (Craig Roberts)

November Patriots - Novel  ( Hancock-Critzberg)

***Single Assassin Collection by John McAdams (via ftp)

Index - JFK Resources Online (Cheryl Overfield)

Jerry Organ's site (includes info on Groden's Grains)

The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site (L.Osanic)

Vincent Palamara's Site (study of the Secret Service/JFK)

JFK Assassination Issues - SS100X, The Limousine (Pamela McElwain)

Patsy Paschall Page updated and Jaynes notes (Bradford)

JFK Assassination  Links-Photos-Audio

Pink Noise Archives

Postmodernity, History, and the Assassination of JFK

Access the Dave Powers Film from CNN

Probable Cause (Australia)

Real Conspiracies

Dallas Tour Info and Aids (Ron Nelson)

Ten Wackiest Theories    (Rune Hansen)

Kennedy and Beyond (site by Rich Vizzutti)

JFK Collection (Ralph Schuster)

Sixth Floor - G. Sample

The Smoking Gun Site

Steamshovel Press (and more) (Kenn Thomas)

David H. Stern's web site (has some JFK letters)

Technology and the Assassination of JFK

[Bad Link] Texas Monthly: Who Killed JFK? and expert roundtable

Thomas Kemp "The Road from Here to Where Stay

JFK Assassination Timeline Chart (Bruce Adamson)

Dave's JFK Page!

JFK Connections (Ken Vogler)

A.J. Weberman's (searchable) Site - Author of "Coup d'etat"

JFK Information and Cuba Archives (Gordon Winslow's site)

Executive Action Archive

Zapruder Frame Table (by Geletka)

Kennedy Files