Shared Newsgroup Photo Archive
About the JFK Place Shared Newsgroup Photo Archive:
Since some online newsgroups do not allow the posting of photos, the
photos are sent to me by moderators and are placed here, so that others
may see them and discuss them.  I usually have additions available
online within 24 hours.
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Aut = Autopsy       Doc = Document      Evi = Evidence        Liv = Live
Loc = Location      Map = Maps, pix     Mtr = Motorcade       Ppl = People
Veh = Vehicles      Wpn = Weapons       Zap = Zapruder

Aut-0001   Closeup of JFK head wound
Aut-0002   JFK on autopsy table - face-up
Aut-0003   JFK on autopsy table - face-up from J.Richeson
Aut-0004   Eladio Del Valle - face up on autopsy table
Doc-0001   Detail drawing of TSBD, *th floor
Doc-0002   Reproductions of LHO Marine Card
Doc-0003   FBI Bullets Report
Doc-0004   DPD Report on Unauthorized Sale of LHO Diary
Doc-0005   Dallas News picture headline re: Gordon Arnold
Doc-0007   Beverly Oliver phone number in Jack Ruby's notebook
Doc-0009   Steve Barber's Drawing of JFK Head 8-3-78
Doc-0010   Dallas Newspaper Clipping on Walker Shooting (LHO?)
Doc-0011   JFK Throat Wound Size (M.Shackelford, 1993)
Doc-0012   FBI Report on Zapruder Camera
Doc-0013   Drawing of brain section (an example)
Doc-0014   Hands Off Cuba Flyer (LHO passed in New Orleans)
Doc-0015   Sketch of bullet paths through JFK shirt and jacket
Doc-0016   Sketch of Limo with locations of fragments, tissue, etc
Doc-0017   Dealey Plaza area of Dallas Map
Doc-0018   Harper fragment photo and drawing (by J.White from Jim Hargrove)
Doc-0019   01. DPD Officer M.L. Baker's Handwritten Account on 11-22-63
Doc-0020   02. DPD Officer M.L. Baker's Handwritten Account on 11-22-63
Doc-0021   03. DPD Officer M.L. Baker's Handwritten Account on 11-22-63
Doc-0022   Report on LHO's discharge -- determined to stand as previous.
Doc-0023   C-130E List - with Vincent Gullo 
Doc-0024   Clipping on background of Clay Shaw
Evidence Photos
Evi-0001   FBI Laboratory Photo of JFK shirt at collar
Evi-0002   Curry Book page 88 - LHO pistol, blanket, bag etc
Evi-0003   Backyard Photos - LHO, "ghost" and stand-in
Evi-0004   JFK Necktie - CE395
Evi-0005   View of pipes on 6th Floor (G.Mack)
Evi-0006   Schematic of interior of Zapruder Camera (J.Organ)
Evi-0007   JFK's brace, front (Judy M.)
Evi-0008   JFK's brace, back. At side are Ace bandages. (Judy M.)
Evi-0009   Wallet from Tippit Scene [Armstrong found DPDmicrofilm](J. White)
Fnr-0001   RFK, JBK behind casket
Liv-0001   JFK on postcard
Loc-0001   From Zapruder position, panarama of several pix Nov '98 (from?)
Loc-0002   View toward Dealey Plaza from behind fence (from Jim Hargrove)
Loc-0003   View from Bower's Tower towards the Plaza (from Jim Hargrove)
Loc-0004   View from Dal-Tex towards overpass, with notations (Thierry)
Loc-0005   Smoke in front of clock (M.Shackelford)
Loc-0006   Piece of curb that was removed from Dealey Plaza (M.Shackelford)
Loc-0007   Large Oak Cliff map
Loc-0008   Large Oak Cliff map also 
Mis-0001   Joke picture of music band with LHO lead singer (bad taste, but..)
Map-0001   Dealey Plaza/Oakcliff Map  (Top)   353k  (DRichards)
Map-0002   Dealey Plaza/Oakcliff Map (Bottom) 346K  (DRichards)
Mtr-0001   Photo view behind motorcade, shows crowd on Elm
Mtr-0002   Jackie with dog-like Lambchops Puppet
Mtr-0003   JFK Grabbing Throat, Positions of Others in Limo
Mtr-0004   White Car in Motorcade with back door open
Mtr-0005   Positions of JFK and Connally in Limo
Mtr-0006   Annotated Photo debunking "The Driver Did It" theory
Mtr-0007   JFK In Limo - before shooting
Mtr-0008   After shooting; people on ground
Mtr-0009   Limo Occupants prior to shooting
Mtr-0010   Spectators on TSBD side of Elm, and Limo
Mtr-0011   A View of JFK in motorcade
Mtr-0012   Altgens - (1) Elm St. to overpass - Recent and on 11-22-63
Mtr-0012+  (update of Mtr-0012)
Mtr-0013   Moorman - towards Knoll - Recent and on 11-22-63
Mtr-0013+  (update of Mtr-0013)
Mtr-0014   Altgens - (2) Elm St. to overpass - Recent and on 11-22-63
Mtr-0014+  (update of Mtr-0014)
Mtr-0015   Willis - Elm St. - Recent and on 11-22-63
Mtr-0016   View thru windshield to TSBD:JFK with hands at throat (S Cornish)
Mtr-0017   Close-up of JFK's hands at throat (Scott Cornish)
Mtr-0018   Close-up of JFK's hands at throat (?)
Mtr-0019   Enlarged photo of Hill on back of limo, with Jackie.
Mtr-0020   Large photo of Limo and occupants (pre-Dealey Plaza)
Mtr-0021   Tragectory Path Added to Dillard photo
Mtr-0022   Tragectory Path in Relation to Zapruder Position
Ppl-0001   Indicating Gordon Arnold?
Ppl-0002   Photo of ?? (man)
Ppl-0002   Umbrella Man on Elm
Ppl-0003   Umbrella Man and buddy
Ppl-0004   Photos of curtain installation (poor quality)
Ppl-0005   Photo of LHO's room - curtain installation
Ppl-0006   Badgeman Colorized Photo and Sketch-in
Ppl-0007   Badgemn Colorized Photo
Ppl-0008   Badgeman Sketched Onto Photo
Ppl-0009   Montage of Secret Service Agents (V.Palamara)
Veh-0001   Limo at Ford Museum
Veh-0002   Hess & Eisenhardt: Limo work document and limo photo
Wpn-0001   Jack White's comparison of 3 M-C Rifles
Wpn-0002   Initials on CE399 from HSCA
Wpn-0003   Tippit Damaged Uniform Button
Wpn-0004   Bullet, button from Tippit Shooting
Wpn-0005   End of CE399 ??
Wpn-0006   View of upright CE399
Wpn-0007   CE399 with ruler - HSCA
Wpn-0008   Homemade Paper Bag outside TSBD
Wpn-0009   Closeup of mounting of rifle rings
Wpn-0010   WC and HSCA views of CE399
Wpn-0011   CE399 (copy ??)
Wpn-0012   Mannlicher-Carcano - Seven photos
Wpn-0013   Paper Bag - gunsack  (missing file??)
Wpn-0014   Small photo of Winchester Rifle
Wpn-0015   "Oswald" Rifle
Zap-0001   ZFrame 171
Zap-0002   ZFrames 256 and 260 (notice JFK's index finger) [from Scott]