What is a Fruitarian?

Healthiest Environmental Reasons Most Non-Violent
Most Free Most Food Yielding Best for Workers
Safest Energy Most Conserving
Closest to Light Habitat Creator Most Timesaving
Fire Preventer Crime Preventer Money Maker
Only Self Replicating Food Scriptures from Several Faiths Global Warming Preventer
Most Varied God Designed Addiction Breaking
Animal Protecting Natural Antidepressant Health Questions
Quotable Quotes Beauty Empowerment
World Peace and Justice Consciousness and Brain Development Wave of the Future

NEW LISTING: Dr. C V A, MD of Pretoria, S. Africa would like to hear from other fruitarians around the world.CASWEGEN@medic.up.ac.za He would also specifically like to know more of the biochemistry of bananas(high in potassium).

Fruitarian Directory

If you are an aspiring vegetarian, vegan, or fruitarian and would like to be listed, write us at porkworms@yahoo.com.

American Vegetarian Information via ACORN (Akron Community Online Resource Network)

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Most of us affirm... what we must learn. In that spirit we offer you this article on fruitarian diet. These thoughts are our hearts' aspirations. May they be more and more our constant reality.

Please download on recycled, 100% cotton, rice, backside or recycled paper.

We have friends who are very private about their beliefs and we have no desire to offend you by stating ours. (We have not yet met Fruitarian Universal Network or other similar names groups.)(Fruit includes nonkilled products of vines and plants as well as trees.)(The authors, scientists and others listed herein do not necessarily endorse everything herein.



No Cost...Free:

Highest Yield:

Environmental Reasons



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Addiction Breaking

The True Natural AntiDepressant

Frees from Alcoholism:

Consciousness and Brain Development:


Promotes Meditation:

Promotes Focus:

Best for Economy . . . in Centenarian Trees Many Fruit Cents become Dollars:

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Prevention of Sexual Dysfunction:

Crime Prevention:

World Peace and Justice:

Self Replicating:

Oil Source:

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God Designed:

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  • (Findhorn in Scotland is a group established to foster plant rights, but some plants are loved more than others there. E.g., there is weeding.) ( Green thumb is a phrase describing those to whose love plants seem to respond.)
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